How to Shorten URLs

URL Shorteners are usually are easy to use and UURL is no exception. This simple two-step tutorial shows how to shorten long URLs into tiny ones with a sample link to

Step 1: Get the link

First, you need to copy the URL that you want to shorten from the browser address bar. The address bar is usually on the top of the browser App or window.

On Chrome, just tap on the address bar and then tap button apeared in front of the address.

On Safari, tap and hold on the Safari navigation bar . then tap the “Copy” from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: Shorten The Link

Now that you have copied the URL in the clipboard, navigate to URL Shortener, paste the link into the field and click on the “Shorten!” button.

Your Shotened Link is ready now and you can copy it via “Copy to Clipboard” button.

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